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We wanted to make our beloved lifestyle, building sleighs, into a profitable business, as well as create models according to our own visions. The large demand encouraged us to get started. We build the sleighs to fit the customer’s wishes and needs, and work for everything from smaller and bigger families to communities and companies.

A reliable partner

Spruce is the best and strongest material for sleighs. We started thinking about where we could find a similarly reliable, durable and lighweight cover for future models. In the autumn of 2018 we started a partnership with Eurowagon. They were chosen because of the durable high quality materials they use.

Eurowagon has a long history working with covered trailers,and their materials were optimal for the sleighs we had envisioned. We have expanded our selection, and you can already get among others: A covered and warmed transportation sleigh for 8 people, three different hut models for ice fishing, a sleigh for disabled people, and a sauna sleigh. We’re constantly develop new models.


Product information

Most of the products we design are unique. During product development we have taken great care to ensure safety.


The covered transportation sleigh for 8 people has safety rails, that protect both the sleigh’s cover and the passengers, if the sleigh for some reason would fall over. The sleigh also has safety belts, and it’s possible to have special anchor points installed for a wheelchair.

The product’s versatility/ adaptility/ flexibility

The 8 person transportation sleigh
– Thanks to the opening back door you can use the sleigh for transporting goods as well.

Fishing hut:
– You can install a table or a bed in the ice fishing hut, or perhaps load a snowmobile on board with you.


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